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QuickBooks hosting offers a secure and efficient solution in the cloud.

Hosting your QuickBooks software in the cloud offers small businesses cost savings, agility, flexibility, and data security. QuickBooks hosting allows your company to access vital financial data from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world. Your employees, accountant and CPA are able to access and edit data in real-time from anywhere using nothing more than an active internet connection. This streamlined workflow saves you time and money. You can also set controls so users can only access the files and data you want them to, ensuring sensitive data is protected.

ebs Associates offers safe, secure and reliable QuickBooks Cloud Hosting through an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host for QuickBooks.


Edit files in real-time and eliminate the need for file sharing.

When you edit your company file, any other person you have granted access to can log into your cloud hosted QuickBooks and see these edits done as they happen. Cloud hosting offers a level of communication with your different departments, your bookkeeper, and your CPA that was previously impossible while helping to alleviate confusion and eliminate mistakes.

Save money and time with managed IT services.

Cloud hosting gives you the added benefit of managed IT services provided by a team of experienced, certified engineers at a fraction of what an internal IT department would cost. Hosting also eliminates the expense and ongoing maintenance associated with purchasing your own servers and other hardware. In addition, hosting services include constant virus scans, software upgrades, and regular data back-ups.

Protect your financial data with advanced security features.

The QuickBooks Cloud Hosting we provided implements some of the strictest security measures in the industry that go well beyond typical standards. Not only is your data safe from unauthorized access, but should your business ever fall victim to fire, burglary, or any other type of disaster, your hosted data is safe and secure in an off-site location.

Anywhere, anytime access is easier than you think.

All that is required is a quick installation and an internet connection. Virtual desktops provide a hub for the software hosting service. Users log-in via the internet and access a Windows based desktop which looks exactly like what they are used to working on every day. Software hosting is easy to setup and operate requiring no technical expertise on the part of the user.

ebs Associates has partnered with an industry leader to provide you with unparalleled cloud hosting solutions.

  • Highly trained engineers monitor the servers and backup data 24/7 to ensure everything remains safe, secure and intact.
  • Managed IT services and access to enterprise-class server systems equipped with the latest in authentication technology.
  • Experienced engineers monitor the servers and data 24/7 and perform upgrades, updates, server maintenance and constant backups at all times.

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"ebs Associates sent us an extremely competent individual. I am so impressed with her knowledge and expertise in QuickBooks. Not only is she good at bookkeeping, she is efficient and great with managing her time. I appreciate how she whipped my books into order in no time! After meeting with ebs Associates team members, I immediately felt a sense of relief knowing that my finances were in the hands of a capable, trustworthy professional. ebs Associates comes with my highest recommendation."
-Nicole M

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