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Keep your QuickBooks financial data accurate and up-to-date with regular review and analysis.

As QuickBooks experts, we can perform this task for you. We will conduct a complete data file review and analysis to locate any discrepancies or errors, identify areas for improvement in your chart of accounts, as well as areas that require clean up, and provide you with a complete list of recommendations and action items. We can also perform any of the required tasks to clean up and/or repair your data file.

After a professional review by one of our associates, you will be able to optimize your QuickBooks, improve the accuracy of your data, and make tax time easier for you and your accountant.

ebs leaves nothing unchecked with a QuickBooks data file review:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Income and Expense Classifications
  • Duplicate Items
  • Unused Item and Vendor Names
  • Class Tracking
  • Preferences and Security
  • Account Balances
  • Working Trial Balance
  • List Changes – added, deleted, merged or edited elements in: Chart of Accounts, Item Lists, Fixed Asset Items, Payroll Items, Customer List and Vendor List
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Aging Detail Reports
  • 1099 Account Mappings
  • Inventory Quantity/Values On Hand
  • Payroll Set-up, Payments, Liabilities
  • Employee Default Settings
  • Payroll & Sales Taxes
  • Discrepancies in Bank Reconciliations
  • Missing Checks

We are experts at cleaning up company files.

If your QuickBooks is not running as quickly as it should, or you have too many unused items or obsolete accounts, or your data file has grown monstrously large, then it may be time to clean up your data file. The first step, of course, is to make a back-up copy for your archives, followed by a complete review. We can walk you through this process or perform the necessary steps for you. Either way, you can rest assured that your financial data and transactional history will be intact.

Some of the benefits of a data file clean up include…

  • Improved performance issues
  • Updated and/or condensed lists
  • Streamlined chart of accounts
  • Reduce recording errors

Before cleaning up your data file, there are important considerations. Transaction details from the cleaned up period will no longer exist, so detailed reports will no longer be available for this period. Because the clean-up process summarizes transactions, financial statements will only be accurate to a given month. This is why creating a back-up or archived copy first is so important.

We can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have before proceeding with a data file clean up. We will also provide you with an archived copy of your file with complete data prior to the clean up.

Data Extractions

Some clients do not want or need the entire transactional history, while others want specific periods, the history for only certain accounts, or only the data in current open accounts. If a full conversion is not necessary, we can extract the data to only include the details you want to carry over in the conversion.

When you are ready to make the move to QuickBooks, our team of experts is ready to help.

Data Conversions & Migrations

When the accounting software you have been using no longer meets your needs, whether it is too expensive, cumbersome or difficult to work with, or you have simply outgrown its capabilities, it is time to consider switching to QuickBooks. We can help you with your data conversion.

With our deep QuickBooks and accounting knowledge, we can save you considerable time and effort with the conversion and data migration process. We can also make certain that your lists and accounts have all imported correctly, that your data integrity is intact and that your chart of accounts is set up properly in your new QuickBooks file.

If your data file is corrupt or in need of repair, our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors are here for you.

We offer timely repair for damaged data files, backup files, portable files and accountant copies and are experienced in all versions of QuickBooks accounting software. When you are running into error messages or suspect that your data file may be damaged, we can help. After more than thirty years, we have seen it all, but some of the more common errors include:

  • Lost connection to the company file.
  • Data file is not recognized.
  • Data file is corrupted or damaged.
  • Unable to open company file.
  • QuickBooks crashes when opening data file.
  • Backup file fails to restore.
  • Errors when upgrading to a newer version, or when downgrading from Enterprise to Pro or Premier.
  • Password recovery and/or removal errors.
  • Missing or damaged data after condensing or cleaning up your data file.

Data conversion errors are especially common, as there are large amounts of data and each accounting software differs in how data is handled. This is why we recommend conversions should always be followed by a complete data review and clean-up to repair any of the data that did not convert properly.

We have extensive experience with data conversions, data file reviews and data repairs so our clients can rest assured that their company file and financial history is intact and accurate when the process is complete.


What People Are Saying

"ebs Associates is very knowledgeable, patient and have great people skills. They provided expert advice and recommendations and clearly showed that they were fully familliar with QuickBooks. I was extremely pleased with the work they did with me on site as well as follow up services to provide additional information I was seeking. I look forward to working with them again."
-Judith B Ph.D

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