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Denise saved my life when she took over my books. Since I moved to Hawaii, and opened my new business, I have been using local bookkeepers. These supposed QuickBooks experts can’t hold a candle to Denise and her team.

Liz Z.

The best organized, most friendly, best (Acquisition Celebration) of anything like that I’ve ever been to. Just well done.

Cheryl D

We have worked for approximately 10 years with ebs and their accounting team. During that time we have enjoyed a great working relationship. The bookkeeping and planning ability has really helped us and we continue to rely on the team for our quarterly taxes, payroll audit and many other accounting and bookkeeping areas. In addition, we have passed all our audits from the State of Oregon and the Workers Compensation group SAIF without issue. We would highly recommend ebs to any of our customers and suppliers.

Leslie S.

ebs is terrific. I have recommended ebs to several of my clients and the results have always exceeded expectations. With ebs Associates there isn’t anything they can’t handle.

Scott S. CPA

Denise is a talented high energy professional experienced with Intuit related products and services. It is a pleasure to work in partnership with her and her team to build the Intuit Solutions Provider program to the next level of growth. I am confident clients are in good hands with Denise and ebs Associates!

Kathy G.

Over the six years we have worked with Denise and ebs, their commitment to their customers and concern for their needs has never wavered. The people at ebs continue to stay current on all the latest improvements and changes to the software and are able to explain and implement these changes into each client’s business needs.

I have had the opportunity over the last six years to meet some of the many different types of companies ebs works with from manufacturing, to service, to retail and I have never talked with anyone who was not very happy with the service, attention, and level of expertise ebs has provided their firms.

Rick C.

I have had the opportunity to work with ebs Associates over the past six years. ebs has provided our common clients with various services ranging from general clean up projects, installation of QuickBooks, general monthly bookkeeping services, financial controller services and everything in between.

As CPA’s we rely on talented bookkeepers to keep the books clean and up to date in order to improve our efficiency. ebs Has always done this and more. Their personnel are very detail oriented and take pride in the product they produce. They are wonderful advocates for their clients and truly care about the service they give.

Tracy A.

I am very much pleased with the way ebs is handling things. We get along great and ebs definitely knows what they are doing. Things that would take me hours, take ebs moments to do. My business is more successful because of what you guys are doing for me. Thank you!

Andy H.

Our firm has worked with Denise Loter-Koch since the summer of 2004. I take care of many tasks at the office, and one that I wear is bookkeeper. I had limited training in QuickBooks when the firm opened in 2001. Fortunately, we found Denise who has patiently worked with me and streamlined our system to make it more productive and efficient. Denise has even encouraged me to take a class she has put together that will focus on the skills I need as used in the office. Though I’ve worked directly with Denise, her staff members have always been very professional and courteous when I call and ask questions. Denise is very knowledgeable and capable in providing the attorney I work for necessary information to assist in managing the firm. She has offered her experience as a business woman to our small firm to make it a success. I highly recommend using ebs Associates for your company’s bookkeeping or teaching your staff the right way to use QuickBooks.

Janel C.

ebs Associates and I have worked together several times now, and I have to say you all have been awesome. You know QuickBooks very well and always has an answer. I really appreciate all the help you has given me. My accountant was very pleased when it came time to do our business taxes!

Randy C.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful help ebs Associates has provided in the setting up, training and operation of our QuickBooks company files. Your knowledge base and ability to teach a true beginner the fundamentals has been a blessing to our business. The owner, Bill Andrews, has known Tracy for three years and has been in a position to watch her help three different businesses including ours with QuickBooks issues in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you again.

Beverly M.

Thank you for your assistance during our Business transition over the past vew months. Your work was accurate, timely and organized. Our company appreciates all the work you have done and will call you in the future when the need arises.

Jeffrey W.

I have enjoyed working with ebs Associates and learned so much from them. They pretty much single handedly cleaned up and organized my books (Which were done incorrectly for years). They helped me get my books and records ready which allowed me to successfully sell one of my stores! I could not have done it without ebs Associates and their great wealth of knowledge. Thank you ebs Associates for being available to me to assist me in my business.

Karin P.

ebs Associates is very knowledgeable, patient and have great people skills. They provided expert advice and recommendations and clearly showed that they were fully familiar with QuickBooks. I was extremely pleased with the work they did with me on site as well as follow up services to provide additional information I was seeking. I look forward to working with them again.

Judith B. Ph.D

Working with the ebs Associates team had been great. Always available for answering my questions or helping me find what I need regarding my bookkeeping records. As well, very helpful in finding where to go to for answers they don’t have. ebs Associates team did a great job in preparing all my 2007 information for tax reporting and helped me simplify all my records for 2008 and the future.

Heidi H.

Working with Denise has been great. We’re very pleased with her work. Especially the valuable financial planning advice she’s given us. Her knowledge and understanding of the construction industry is a huge asset to our company. QuickBooks, even the Contractor’s Edition, really isn’t set up to help small construction companies like mine. Denise was able to customize the software for my particular business needs and made it work for our company. She’s very knowledgeable and able to walk the tightrope of producing financial statements that are good for getting loans from the banks but also won’t let you get clobbered at tax ti me. She’s been a real help for my business.


I ran a non-profit for ten years and for the first few years entrusted an employee with QuickBooks because he said he was proficient in the program. When he left my employ I discovered to my horror that the books were a mess. Enter ebs Associates, and their QuickBooks Goddess’. Not only did they go back over the years and completely re-categorized our badly organized history, they set up and taught me an easy-to-use system for our organization. ebs Associates helped me to make and input our annual budgets and came to Board meetings to report on our fiscal health. Their team didn’t just give me the fish… they taught me how to fish. They had me sit beside them to be sure that I understood the moves they were making and together we created a crystal clear view of the non-profit that conveyed the health of our fiscally responsible organization. I absolutely believe that we became a committed member of our family. When they didn’t know an answer they researched it and figured it out, when we needed outside consultants, they found them for us. Besides that they have a great work ethic and a world-class sense of humor. See what I mean? They are goddess’.

Gretchen C.

ebs Associates team member literally walked in and got us going back in the right direction! We didn’t realize how much we were missing from our accounting staff until ebs Associates came in and “showed us the light.” We honestly look forward to having their team member come in each week and get us back on track. I cannot imagine what situation we would have been in without them. Without a doubt would recommend ebs Associates to anyone in need of help with their books.

Christine M.

ebs Associates sent us an extremely competent individual. I am so impressed with her knowledge and expertise in QuickBooks. Not only is she good at bookkeeping, she is efficient and great with managing her time. I appreciate how she whipped my books into order in no time! After meeting with ebs Associates team members, I immediately felt a sense of relief knowing that my finances were in the hands of a capable, trustworthy professional. ebs Associates comes with my highest recommendation.

Nicole M.

I had the pleasure of having ebs Associates help me with QuickBooks. Their team was very professional and educated and was able to show me how to begin to make my life easier. I still have more work and learning to do but I know if I continue to learn from them I will soon have a smooth operating system for my businesses and it will simplify my life. Who doesn’t need that? Thanks EBS!

Lacey S.

My name is Laura and I am the co-owner of a small business in Vancouver, WA. In May of this year, our business partner of 3 years left our company to pursue other ventures. This partner was primarily in charge of the financial aspects of our business, including all of the QuickBooks activity.

After his departure, it became abundantly clear that he did not know what he was doing and that our record keeping, tax paying and QuickBooks were in grave peril. Panic set in and I immediately began to search for an accounting and QuickBooks guru that could help us see the light of day again. I made phone calls, searched the web and finally settled on a company, that came highly recommended, ebs Associates. I set an appointment with the owner, Denise for a consultation and was immediately convinced that I had made the right decision. Denise told me that one of her highly qualified advisors would come to my office and we would get started at cleaning up the nightmare.

Mary Bernhard arrived at my office a few days later. She was professional, personable, consultative and so patient. Within the first session of 3 hours, I felt like I could breathe again! Mary began cleaning up our 2010 QuickBooks records and just a few weeks and sessions later, I was able to submit our updated and correct balance sheet to our CPA in order to file our 2010 taxes. The money that was ‘found’ and applied to the correct accounts by Mary, saved our company thousands of dollars. It was no easy task but it was done, and in an extremely timely fashion! I was more than thrilled!

Going forward, Mary began working on 2011, getting everything coded correctly, helping with our excise tax payments, bank statement reconciliations, and most recently, setting up payroll. I literally could not have done any of this alone, well maybe, but it would have been horribly wrong again! Because of Mary, I actually feel like I can operate QuickBooks in a competent manner now…that is Huge!

Mary is Phenomenal! If I have a question, or a major problem I can reach out to her via phone or email and she always responds to me the same business day. Mary also has the ability to provide remote support from her desk to mine, which has been invaluable!

I strongly encourage and recommend anyone who uses QuickBooks for their financial bookkeeping to contact Mary Bernhard. You never know how much money you are leaving on the table until a real QuickBooks professional takes a look.

Laura R.


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